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"We're passionate about

bringing outdoor spaces to life; together with you!"

What makes us unique?  The science! Landscape Therapy specializes in plant health and diseases.  We can identify the cause and ailment, recommend and execute a plan that will restore the health of the plant.


What started out as being a small project when I bought my first home, ignited a flame that refused to be quenched.  Splashing colorful annuals here and there became more and more strategic and structured.  It soon gathered the attention of my neighbors and I began assisting them with their gardening projects.

Before I knew it, my hobby had blossomed into a business.  My love of nature and design allowed me to express myself in a way that brought tranquility to otherwise drab and boring scenery.  Now, every space is a blank canvas and every client is at peace when I complete their garden.

I have a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences & Policy from Johns Hopkins University and design inspiration from aquascaping for aquariums.

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