Grass Clippings: To leave down or rake up?

Ever mowed your lawn, or had it mowed and wondered what to actually do with those clippings? Some say leave them, others say pick them up. Well, here's some science to accompany that debate.

One word: nitrogen. Nitrogen is what grass needs to breathe. However, by leaving the grass clippings down, you can reduce the amount of nitrogen you have to add to your lawn by up to 25%. Of course, it just depends on how much you actually fertilize.

No need to worry about thatch either. Grass clippings do not turn into thatch! The grass clippings break down rather quickly as you can see the results of the nitrogen release into your lawn about a week after you mow.

At the end of the day, oftentimes families choose to rake them up or discard the clippings for beautification. Healthy grass will grow nonetheless, but if your lawn is distressed, you may want to consider leaving them down for a few cuts.

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