The Japanese Beetle (aka White Grubs)

With summer here and as the real heat approaches, so do many plant pests. The most infamous one is the Japanese beetle; as it is one of the most abundant and important landscape pest here in Maryland and the DMV. This pest was detected in New Jersey in 1916, having been introduced from Japan.

The adult beetles eat the leaves and flowers of over 300 plants by eating the tissue between the veins, a type of feeding called skeletonizing. The larvae, called white grubs, feed on plant roots and organic matter in the soil, especially under turfgrass. This feeding may result in dead patches of turf that can be picked up like a loose carpet.

Pro Tip: Several ways to stop Japanese Beetle damage naturally are the use of Neem oil, and Milky spore. Milky spore is extremely effective in controlling the beetles while in their grub stage.

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